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Athletic Grants

Buck Boosters Athletic Grants
$ 564,191

Tennis Court Refurbish$10,000.00$10,000.00
PHS Athletics/Kettlebells & Equip.2,995.982,995.98
Boys Soccer/Uniforms3,150.003,150.00
PHS Athletics/Coaches Seminar1,500.001,500.00
PHS Leadership/Tailgaters-Football1,680.651,680.65
Boys Basketball/Uniforms3,523.403,523.40
PHS Leadership/Basketball Poster Pictures (Fatheads)360.00360.00
PHS Teams/ASB Accounts (Auction Sales)6,220.006,220.00
Rhythmic Mode/Lenovo Yoga Tablet & Case513.97513.97
PHS Robotics Team/Event Entry Fees900.000.00
PHS Softball/Outdoor Sound System2,324.002,324.00
PHS Athletics/Warberg Court Sound System6,132.006,132.00
PHS Leadership/Rooter Busses-State Basketball3,481.003,481.00
PHS Football/Away Jerseys, 8 Helmets, Pads & Practice9,697.600.00
Football (recondition 12 helmets)$ 2,214.45
Girls Soccer Uniforms525.23
Baseball Scoreboard Install7,907.33
Lawn Chair Club Donation500.00
Girl Basketball Uniforms2,133.04
Golf Bags1,810.50
Softball Batting Cage Nets1,648.60
Team Auction Sales Grants to ASB Accts4,345.00
Rhythmic Mode Stretch Straps354.47
Track and Field Warmups5,196.00
PHS Leadership/Rooter Bus-Hermiston146.82
Baseball L-Screens, Ball Baskets, Machine Balls1,050.00
PHS Athletics Baseball Frosh Field Fence16,000.00
Track and Field / Equipment2,398.76
Softball / State Champion Apparel600.00
PHS Athletic Dept (unbudgeted expenses)$ 5,000.00
Girls Soccer (game balls)270.00
Volleyball (uniforms)2,049.00
Football (12 helmets)2,400.00
Wrestling (mat)2,500.00
Concession Stand Remodel12,000.00
Baseball (uniforms)2,420.00
Boys Basketball (20 balls & freight)985.40
Softball (uniforms)2,466.68
Track (High Jump Pit)5,199.00
Softball (Steve Cary Sign) 500.00
PHS Athletic Dept (Scoreboard Install)4,180.00
PHS Athletic Dept (Scoreboard/Bob White Field)21,482.00
Popcorn Machine$ 1,102.53
Boys Soccer (help at dinner/auction)500.00
Cheerleaders (help at dinner/auction)500.00
Warberg Court Scoreboard14,000.00
Cross Country (Sprint 8 Timer)939.00
Softball (Batting Cage)1,277.00
PHS Athletic Dept (unbudgeted expenses)5,000.00
Swim Team (supplies)725.66
Round-Up Scoreboard ( ½ of donation ) $ 5,000.00
Boys Track-uniforms3,913.00
Video Equipment2,252.50
Boys Basketball-basketballs, ankle braces 1,436.29
Baseball-practice equipment 1,041.38
Bucky Costume993.50
Girls Basketball-basketballs 926.91
HUDL Software 800.00
Rooter Bus 671.63
Grant to Boys Soccer 500.00
Grant to Cheerleaders 500.00
Dance Team-sound system 199.00
PHS Athletic Department $ 10,000.00
Volleyball - net system 7,345.90
Football - headsets 5,358.97
Round-Up Scoreboard ( ½ of donation ) 5,000.00
Softball-batting cage 4,863.60
Gold Gym - backboards 3,150.00
Girls Track - uniforms 3,060.00
Rooter Bus - boys basketball state tournament 1,186.00
Volleyball - stand 830.00
Gold Gym - install backboards 556.09
Grant to Dance Team 500.00
Grant to Boys Soccer 500.00
Grant to Cheerleaders 500.00
Dance Team - video camera 397.79
Track resurfacing $14,000.00
Softball-fence 5,087.23
Softball-scoreboard 4,501.84
Wrestling-laptop, video equip 2,726.91
Cheerleaders-uniforms 2,599.05
Athletic Trainer-concussion software update 500.00
Grant to Boys Soccer 500.00
Boys and Girls Tennis-equipment and supplies 389.07
Grant to Dance Team370.00
Track-pole vault standards$ 1,785.00
Tennis-ball machine625.00
Baseball-uniforms 3,383.74
Grant to Cheerleaders500.00
Dance Team-shirts540.00
Spirit items 989.00
Baseball-Fallen Field fence2,000.00
Football-face masks1,526.50
Football- uniforms$11,335.00
Atlas and Athena program-food donation1,266.50
Cheerleaders - uniforms2,000.00
Boys basketball-uniforms3,027.00
Track-Discus cage3,015.70
Baseball-Promax bricks, equipment987.31
Athletic trainer-concussion software update500.00
PHS Weight Room$25,000.00
Grant to Dance Team 500.00
Softball - uniforms3,200.00
Grant to Pendleton School Dist.16R toward equip & supplies$6,000.00
Football-video equipment & software4,000.00
Wrestling-bleachers 3,258.00
Girls Soccer-uniforms1,200.00
Cross Country-uniforms1,600.00
Boys Soccer-warm-ups1,400.00
Grant to Cheerleaders /td>500.00
Babe Ruth Association-Hitting facility5,000.00
Grant to Dance Team500.00
Rooter Bus 600.00
Girls Golf-rain & wind gear1,101.50
Softball-benches for dugouts1,154.58
Grant to Pendleton School Dist.16R toward equip. & supplies$13,000.00
Grant to Cheerleaders500.00
Baseball batting cage materials2,000.00
Swimming starting block anchors769.37
Wrestling mat reconditioning4,578.00
Equestrian Team uniforms & competition fees200.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
PHS ticket windows200.00
Track - repair/restore pole vault mat & frame2,014.32
Baseball uniforms2,700.00
Soccer - practice metal players575.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Girls Basketball warm-ups600.00
Dance Team State Championship signs 700.00
PHS Banner Project4,105.00
Wrestling scale and case699.95
Grants to Girls Basketball, Wrestling, & Dance Teams2,201.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Tennis storage shed668.88
Tennis warm-up pants960.00
Track - pole vault pole430.00
Volleyball travel bags450.00
Pretzel cabinet740.00
Popcorn popper400.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Video equipment3,363.00
Physical Therapy equipment476.00
Girls Soccer warm-ups1,200.00
Track - pole vault pit pads6,950.00
Track - base protection pads800.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Cheerleader skirts694.50
Soccer goals2,955.00
Weight Training equipment5,122.38
Football game pants1,760.00
Track Building - supplies, labor, plaque 2,387.60
Sound barrier curtains for gym853.18
Golf jackets826.00
Track - indoor runway295.91
Wrestling mat lamp525.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Leadership Committee - banners1,569.00
Football - blocking sled3,271.17
9th Football - standup dummies450.00
Cross Country - stopwatch printer778.50
Cross Country - uniforms1,800.00
Athletic Trainer - Sportx Stimulator498.42
Nautilus weight machines4,400.00
Swimming - training tools1,239.48
Baseball - lighting & batting cage969.17
Track - uniforms2,242.29
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Cheerleader pom-poms358.00
Football - video system 1,000.00
Football - jugs throwing machine1,871.00
Track - 40 hurdles2,153.85
Track - discus cage870.00
Track building 2,000.00
Cross Country warm-ups1,307.78
Wrestling - climbing rope287.76
Baseball - freezer549.99
"Bucky" mascot costume600.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Bear Squat machine1,745.00
Girls Soccer bags285.35
2 Girls Soccer goals2,512.00
Dance Team - portable sound system764.00
Slide Reebok system 4-pack303.80
2 Schwinn Airdynes700.00
Tennis warm-ups1,320.00
Football blocking dummies1,565.95
Concrete block - tiered wall track project17,000.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
Wrestling mat resurfacing1,850.00
Girls Soccer uniforms1,653.00
Girls Soccer equipment640.50
Basketball - 2 dry erase boards650.00
Lighting project - BMCC-Legion Field1,500.00
Girls Softball - Tractor2,000.00
11 Golf bags880.00
Track - pit weather cover559.00
Softball - partial payment for drag300.00
Tennis - District Tournament food119.20
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 500.00
PJHS breakaway rims650.00
Volleyball warm-up pants665.00
Volleyball coaching videos 496.75
Dance Team - trophies, ad85.00
Training & Conditioning computer software299.00
Football blocking sled3,252.84
Baseball - screen, pump, rake387.00
Track - 2 sets starting blocks 321.40
Wrestling - takedown machine1,334.18
Banner - "Home of the Bucks"225.00
Program Ad80.00
Grant to Cheerleaders $ 200.00
Mesh equipment carriers351.44
2 Exercise bikes960.00
Portable Soccer goals1,900.00
Soccer uniforms3,000.00
Tennis ball machine1,208.11
Pole vault standards874.50
Volleyball officials stand/pads784.40
Program Ads105.00
Grant to Cheerleaders$ 150.00
Boys Basketball - VCR 329.00
Wrestling team bags391.77
3 Portable bleachers1,950.00
Tennis videos88.85
Track - pole vault pit2,700.00
Track - indoor shot, medicine balls331.22
Track - sprinters harness 113.75
Softball - batting cage750.00
Softball - pitching machine919.00
Velocity builder242.95
Weight room equipment675.45
Baseball - repair of pitching machine277.42
Girls Athletics - camcorder, tripod968.00
Girls Basketball - practice jerseys129.50
9th Football - blocking sled$ 2,380.00
9th Football - iron for PJHS weight racks425.00
9th Basketball - practice jerseys267.75
Basketball - TV339.00
Donation for Russian wrestling exchange100.00
Track - pole vault pit cover242.15
Track - computer software72.90
Golf bags541.75
Tennis - ball hoppers32.00
Tennis - net140.12
Softball batting cage net750.93
Button making machine368.23
Girls Basketball - practice jerseys275.00
Grant to Pendleton School Dist. 16R toward athletic budget$10,000.00
9th Baseball uniforms600.00
Softball - protective screen300.00
Golf team jackets300.00
Swim Team - starting block350.00
Track - pit cover445.00
Soccer videos100.00
Wrestling mat, donation 300.00